Qld Institute Medical Research


Due to the success of cancer research at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) and the need to accommodate extended research, a dedicated cancer research centre was commissioned - Clive Berghofer Cancer Research Centre.

The new centre required a number of cleanroom laboratory spaces which required specialised construction methods, techniques and commissioning. All spaces had to be tested and certified to operational laboratory standards.

PC3 cleanroom spaces required an air leakage rate that didn’t exceed 75 litres/minute. The rooms also needed to be pressurised to 150 Pa greater than the surrounding areas to eliminate micro-bacterial decontamination.

Using a new method of construction and sealing that had not previously been used, James L. Williams designed, constructed and quality tested the PC3 rooms to comply with this criteria.

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  • Client
  • Baulderstone Hornibrook
  • Building value
  • $70 million
  • Location
  • Brisbane
  • Year
  • 2001