Strategic alliances



G.J. Walker 
Our alliance with G.J. Walker has spanned more than 30 years. G.J. Walker design and manufacture specialist air handling systems to A.S.3666, IS0 9001 and Queensland Department of Health Regulations for a range of applications including:

  • pharmaceutical cleanrooms
  • television studios
  • art galleries, museums, hospitals
  • commercial buildings
  • industrial applications.

G.J. Walker maintains a small company philosophy to offer clients exceptional service and quality products that are cost effective, energy efficient and that are delivered on time.

Pitts & Walker Engineering 
Pitts Walker is the Australian manufacturing arm of G.J. Walker. The alliance with Chris and Jan Pitts manufactures custom-built medium and large air handling units for the domestic Australian market and American Refrigeration Institute (ARI).

Fluid Chillers Australia

Efatar China
Efatar Air-conditioning Equipment Co. Ltd are experienced in producing a range of products from fan coils, air handling units to condensing and chiller units. They are ISO 9001 certified and their products always reach and in many cases exceed the American Refrigeration Institute (ARI) standard. Due to unprecedented and rapid growth, Efatar elected to relocate its air conditioning manufacturing facilities to Kaiping. The first phase includes a 70,000 metre square factory with a purpose-built laboratory where air-flow, performance and quality tests can be performed.