HVAC solutions that are invisible and simply, work. 

James L Williams was Australia's most experienced mechanical services and air conditioning company, however they didn't just assume they know what you want. Each project is unique and they respect that. They took the time to ensure they understand your particular needs and designed solutions that would meet them.

The Projects division would help you design conditions in your building that were effective, energy efficient and that were delivered in a timely and cost effective manner.

The highly competent team was able to provide you with a full range of services from estimating, design, supply, installation and completion of major mechanical services.


Continuing the legacy of providing exceptional HVAC solutions is James L Williams Middle East.

Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing services Engineers and Contractors.

Specialist in delivering MEP Design and Construct solutions for the Middle East and Gulf Regions.

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James L Williams' fields of expertise include

• trigen and cogen
• pipe fabrication and installation
• dust extraction and industrial air ventilation systems
• medical and specialist gases reticulation
• chiller and boiler installation and replacements
• refrigeration and cool rooms
• clean room air conditioning
• testing, balancing and commissioning to N.E.B.B. standards
• geothermal ground loop technology
• cogeneration and thermal storage
• water features
• PC2 and PC3 installations and laboratories
• 4, 5, and 6 star energy rated buildings
• chilled beam technology.