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Pixel Building, Australia's first carbon neutral office building, has been awarded the world’s highest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating from the US Green Building Council.

Grocon’s Pixel building achieved 105 points out of a possible 110 and has now surpassed all 44,000 buildings in 120 countries that have used the LEED rating system.

The building has a supply of 100 per cent fresh outside air at a rate three times the minimum Australian Building Code requirements. The air is distributed through the floor with an individual control at each work station, in much the same way as vents work on a car dashboard.

Technology new to Australia was installed by James L. Williams that included an absorption heat pump chiller to be used to heat and cool the building. The chiller uses ammonia as a refrigerant and has no harmful ozone, global warming or legionella emissions.

Other systems used in the building include slab cooling, gas fired absorption chiller and an air change air handling unit complete with air-to-air heat exchanger and heating and cooling coils.


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  • Client
  • Grocon
  • Mechanical value
  • $300k
  • Location
  • Carlton, Victoria
  • Year
  • 2010